Monday, March 28, 2016


Right now I just can't think.  Crazy things are happening!

Today is transfer day.  I have a new companion--Sister Richards.  She is from Dallas, Texas area.  Along with getting a new companion, I am moving homes! I still cover the same area, but I live down the street in Meridian now!  It's kinda stressful trying to pack up and move everything.  I'm sad to leave Sister Eas and the Andres's home, but more adventures are ahead!

I'm so scatterbrained and I don't know what happened this week. 

On Tuesday, little to my knowledge, there must have been some gluten in my dinner....That night I was at a teaching appointment and I felt that I was going to throw up.  Because this was at a YSA's home, it was further away from home....When we got outside I didn't think that I would be able to make it to drive all the way home. But I did it anyways.  I prayed so hard that I would make it without too much nausea or distraction or problems.........I just did not want to pull over! haha I just had to make it  home.  I was about a mile away from home and I felt it coming and knew that I couldn't stop it.  I told Sister Eas I needed a bag or something, quickly.  Thankfully she had a bag of chips handy! haha Just in the nick of time I made it in the bag--I'm still driving 45 mph, mind you! But all was well. :)  I felt better right away.  I felt bad for Sister Eas though, being in the smelly car, holding my bag of barf mixed with sour cream and onion chips..... Too much info? haha Sorry...... Driving while throwing up was a first though!!!  #LAS-9

The day after that, I was kind of worried about my intestines and stuff because I've been eating gluten more often than normal (not on purpose of course).  I went to the clinic to get a blood test just to make sure my intestines aren't dying or anything. ha  I got the results, and all is well! :)

This week there was an AWESOME storm!!! It rained and hailed super hard and there was LIGHTNING!!!! I have an obsession with lightning.  I didn't get any pictures, but Sister Eas and I did play out in the rain for a little bit. :)

The Women's session for General Conference was so wonderful.  I loved that the theme was focused on loving and serving.  It applied to me so well!

After church, we spent our Easter at home, because there was A LOT of packing and cleaning to do. We had a nice dinner with the Andres's.  Church was great because it's all centered on the Atonement (MY FAVORITE).  Holly and her 2 kids came to church FINALLY!  From what I heard the kids loved it!! I was so happy. :)

I don't have a ponderize scripture this week, because I'm just going crazy with packing, moving, and transfers......  BUT I hope that everyone can apply the Atonement to their life everyday.  Also, I hope that everyone can prepare themselves for General Conference with a question in mind that they need answered.  I know that if we spiritually prepare ourselves and pray, we will receive answers that are directly for us.

I love this gospel and I love being a missionary!!

From Idaho to you,


Sister Carling

Sad that this was our last week together/picture after playing in the rain.

Rain! Arizona friends, it's still kinda cold here....Yes, I was pretty freezing.

Ice cream and a Boston milk shake from Big Bun.  People kept talking about this place, so we had to go.

The dreaded moment.....when I got poked by a needle...

Car selfie.

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