Monday, January 4, 2016

This Really Is the Land of Potatoes!!

First week in the field.  WHOA. I love it!  This week mostly consisted of knocking on doors of less active members and no one answering....  Because I am the designated driver I need to get to know the area.  It is super big because we cover a YSA ward which consists of 2 stakes.

All of the residential streets have ice on the sides and so I am constantly (purposefully) sliding on it, or trying to crack the ice.  I have not slipped......yet! I get really distracted with it. haha Even my companion (from Hawaii) finds it funny. 

This week in Idaho was apparently abnormally cold.  One night (the coldest night) we were driving by the temple and decided to get out and take a few pictures.  For some reason, I just had to pick up some snow......People. when it is 9 degrees, after you pick up the snow, your hands don't warm up right away. That was not smart of me.  Thaaankfully our car warms up pretty fast! Also this week it's supposed to warm up to the 40s...Boise really isn't that terrible!! 

Remember how I said my first meal in Idaho was potatoes??? Well so was every other meal for the rest of the week!  5 out of 5 of my first meals were POTATOES. I don't mind it, I just think it's hilarious, and that's what everyone's default meal is when they have to think of a gluten free meal.  I wrote a poem about it...maybe I will send it next week. 

I am SO excited and happy to be serving in a YSA ward! It's like home for me and we get to do a bunch of activities with them! :)  We also have 2 baptisms scheduled for YSA.  One of our wards also covers an assisted living community!!! YSA + old people = My favorite. haha Seriously though...I couldn't be happier. :)

I live in a lovely home with Brother and Sister Andres.  They are super nice and great at taking care of us missionaries.

New Years Eve was my Christmas! Brother and Sister Riggs who came from Arizona, had 4 boxes for me from home!!! What a happy night! Thank you family!!!!

Church yesterday was quite a long day.  I finally got to meet people in the wards and introduce myself and bear my testimony.  There is so much work to be done, but it can't be done without the help of the members!! I am anxious to work will all of the great people here.

Sorry this email is so scatterbrained.....I need to figure out how to manage my email time and figure out what I'm going to say. haha

A scripture that I have been ponderizing is Moroni 10:23. "If ye have faith ye can do all things which are expedient unto me."  We can do ALL things!! I am trying to develop the spiritual gift of exceedingly great faith.  As a missionary, this is so important. I can develop that faith by acting on all spiritual promptings I receive.  As each of us strive to show our faith by ACTION, the Lord will bring so many blessings and miracles to us!

Well I've used up all my time! I promise I will get better at this! 

From the Land of Potatoes to you,


Sister Carling

 New Years Eve!!
Just received boxes from home brought by the Riggs.
Thanks Kent & Terri!!

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