Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hello From the Land of Potatoes!!

First off.....You'll never guess what I had for my first meal here in Idaho.....

Yep. You probably guessed right.  A potato. I only had a potato because the sister that fed us never got a good heads up that I was gluten free... haha  I'm sure this will be a common occurrence!

Well I am here in Idaho now, and surprisingly enough, I'm not freezing cold! My jacket and layers of clothes are keeping me warm.  There is a bit of snow and ice on the roads.  Aaaaand right when I was assigned my companion, I was handed car keys.  They are trusting this Arizona girl to be driving??? Maybe not the smartest thing ever, but I am learning! Ha! My companion doesn't drive, so I am the designated driver!

Back track--Christmas in the MTC was......AWESOME!! We woke up to a wonderful white Christmas!!! That really started my day on a happy note. Elder Bednar spoke to us Christmas morning.  Love that man.  Then, there was a 2 person performance of the Christmas Carol. That was neat.  And that evening we had a surprise guest come sing for us....... David Archuleta!! Whoohoo! After his performance, we all watched Ephraim's Rescue.  Overall, Christmas really was fantastic and super special.

December 29th finally arrived and I am in Boise! I love my mission president and his wife.  We ate a lunch with all of the new missionaries and the trainers.  Then we were assigned our companions......My companion is Sister Eas from Hawaii!  We cover 3 wards--2 family wards and 1 YSA ward!!! I am WAY excited because the work is busy, there is so much to do, and so many people to meet! Like I said, I ate with a family that first evening and right after had our first appointment with an investigator. 

Today we had our district meeting, so I have been meeting lots of other missionaries.  We also had another appointment today and taught the lesson of the restoration.  It went amazing!! I LOVE teaching!

Well time is short, but I will be back on Monday, my regular P-Day!  I love you all!  



Sister Carling
Sister B and I on Christmas!

My companion, Sister Eas

Sis. Carling with Pres. & Sis. Winder

Sis. Eas, Sis. Carling, Sis. Winder & Pres. Winder

First Dinner appt in Boise!

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