Thursday, December 24, 2015

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.... Hopefully...

Family! Friends! Hi!!

Another long week has come and gone and so much has happened, yet not much has changed. Our district has come so much closer together and it will be hard saying goodbyes when we part ways next week.

Each day is filled with lessons on how o each the gospel and there is great spiritual growth. Sister Beauchamp and I are best friends and have gotten along in every way.  We literally have had zero problems with each other and it's kind of great.  I'm surprised she's not annoyed of me! ha  When came out of the gym the other day, there was still snow on the ground, and being the Arizona girl that I am, couldn't resist touching it.  I soon discovered that it rolled into a ball so easily and it was the perfect time to build a snowman!

*Cue song!* ;)

Me: Do you want to build a snowmaaaan?
Sister B: No.
Me: Come on let's go and playyy!
Sister B: No.

I continued to roll the snow and I made a pretty darn cute "Snow-Sister." ;)

Whenever it's snowing pretty good I can't help but open my mouth, stick out my tongue and try to catch the snowflakes.  Yes, I look like a dog while doing it.

At the MTC, there are devotionals every Sunday and Tuesday night.  Our district/zone has chosen to participate in the choir.  Even though it is a 700 person missionary choir, I know that my (not amazing) voice makes any impact, but I  am so grateful to participate in it because there is a great power and Spirit that comes from music!  The choir director is AWESOME and makes the words so much more meaningful and personal for everyone singing it.  I love the power that comes from music.  I also try to volunteer my piano skills as much as I can.  I am the branch music coordinator which only consists of organizing the music for sacrament meeting, but I love offering my (rusty) piano talent as much as I can.

I have been blessed with some great people in my life to send me Christmas gifts and cards! I have a cute little Christmas corner up by my bed.  Thank you to family, cousins, those who are practically family, and friends!! I thank Heavenly Father every day  for the wonderful people in my life!  Christmas is going to be good. :)

I love feeling the power of the Atonement and Christ's grace work! As it is Christmas Eve today, and Christmas Day tomorrow, I hope we can all recognized that we have been given the greatest gift of all!! The Atonement is the key to happiness.  Be happy and USE IT because it's already been given to us! #HeIsTheGift #ASaviorIsBorn

I have 4 more days left until I am in the field! It's a crazy thought, but I am so ready to go!!!

I love this gospel! I love you! Until next time, when I am in Idaho!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Sister Carling

My "Snow-Sister!" Isn't she cute? ;)


Elder Durfee!!!! I love having a high school friend around.  
And I see him at least 5 times a day....I love it! haha
 Sis. Beauchamp, Sis. Carling, Elder Durfee & Elder Steenblik

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