Monday, January 18, 2016

Bonker balls, Bingo, and Baptism!

Well hello!

This week was so busy, but at the same time, not as productive as last week.

Monday nights are family home the singles ward!  Have I mentioned that I love serving in the YSA ward?? Well I do.  We played soccer while in Bonker Balls.  Great excuse to change into jeans. :) haha I also wore my new pink camo shirt that I just bought at Cabela's. (My area pretty much has everything.  Even Cabela's:)

On Wednesday, after our district meeting, we served at an assisted living place to help them make Valentine's Day crafts and also play Bingo.  Made. my. week.  I just love them old folks!  We also visited Esther, our 103 year old investigator, and she told us she "will not become a Mormon." Ooooh well....Sadly, 103 year old ladies are pretty stubborn with their ways and thoughts.

On Thursday, my dear friend, young women's leader, and previous neighbor from Arizona, Terri Riggs, took Sister Eas and I to Outback Steakhouse! What a treat!  I love her! Thank you Sister Riggs!! 

We also had a special zone training by President Winder about faith.  You would think that someone who has grown up in the church and been taught it for 19 years would know all there is to know about faith, right? Wrong.  My perspective was changed!  Faith is like when Moses stepped into the water to part the sea.  He had to get his feet wet before the water would part.  It is ACTION.  As a missionary, I can show my faith by acting, hoping and knowing that the Lord will help me as I do all I can.

Friday, we served at Idaho Youth Ranch, which is a thrift store.  It is a fun lil' experience.
That night there was a YSA fireside, and because one of our YSA investigators went, we could go!  Get this though--there were FOUR general authorities there! 3 members of the 70 (Elder Martino, Elder Anderson, and Elder Alder) and 1 member of the presidency of a quorum of the 70 (Elder Swarez).  Elder Swarez walked in during the middle of the meeting so they changed who was presiding.  That was neat.

Saturday was Jezrael's baptism!  Jezrael is funny.  Let me say a few funny things he did.... When he changed into the white jumpsuit, he felt like a ninja.  Sister Eas and I did a musical number (she sang, I played).  When we finished Jezrael started clapping. No one else joined in clapping.  You'd think he would stop and feel awkward, right? Nope.  He kept clapping. haha  When he got into the font he waved to everyone in the mirror.  After he was dunked he told the Elder Dolan, who baptized him, "You're good at that."  Later, a high council member presented him a few things, one thing being a framed picture of Jesus.  Jezrael said, "I'm gonna have to get that signed." Ohhh my, Jezrael.....He is too funny....I'm so happy for him and I know that he is going to do some awesome things.  Sister Eas and her previous companion started a tradition to do a "Victory Swing" after every baptism.  So we did that at a park!
(It looks like his arms are around us, but they are just resting on the glass....haha Just thought I'd let ya know.)

After the baptism, a couple of our YSA friends parked in front and behind our car.....I was able to easily squeeze out of there though. #Skill
At the park!

Saturday night and Sunday morning there was black ice all over! It has been snowing, but not cold enough for it to stick around, so everything is just WET....wet + cold = black ice. We taught a lesson with some elders at a church building. Afterwards, when they hopped on their bikes and hit the asphalt, one elder totally biffed it.  We were all laughing, then my companion slipped.  It's crazy how slick the ground was!! I, myself, thankfully have not slipped and hit the ground....yet... (*Knock on wood*)

Sunday, we went to the assisted living "Twig" sacrament meeting.  (For those not in my home ward, a "Twig" is too small to be a branch, so it is called a "twig." ;)  Sister Eas and I did another musical number.  We didn't get an applause that time. haha

Every day, in the mix of all of these things, we are also making visits to less active members and recent converts.  Sometimes we get good visits, other times no one answers the door.  Either way, the work is moving along in Boise!

My ponderize scripture this week is D&C 123:17

Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed. 

We must be CHEERFUL and work to do everything in our own power!  It's amazing to see the hand of the Lord in each of our lives when we actually look for it.  He loves us!!!

From Idaho to you,


Sister Carling

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