Monday, January 30, 2017

Driving in Wide Open Spaces...

This week felt like it was full of improvement and progression--not in any big way, but in increments. As I mentioned last week, we are white washing 2 wards, so much of our time was spent meeting with ward leaders.  The Hazelton ward hasn't had missionaries designated over their ward for a while, so it's exciting how excited they are to help us out!  Because both of these wards are mostly "wide open spaces..." 🎵 there is lots of driving.  Last Monday we got a TON more snow.  Out here, the roads in the country take a longer time for the plow to clear them--our whole area is country, so by Tuesday afternoon, we were able to get out there and try to visit people.  It's so pretty to see fields of perfect snow for miles.

On Thursday we had Zone Conference where we watched the world-wide missionary broadcast where we had the opportunity to hear from the missionary council which included Elder Oaks, Elder Bednar, Elder Anderson, Sister Oscarson and 2 other General Authorities.  They are so inspired! The daily schedule for missionaries all over the world has been changed! Also, the key indicators that we report are different.  I think the changes are very inspired, and I love them.

Oh! I got to see Hermana Amberlee Cox from Heritage! So fun! :)

This weekend we got to see miracles and were told a couple of times that we were an answer to prayers.  Those are cool moments.  We visited the Tibbets family whose daughter, Kolbee, just got back from her mission! She is so so sweet and you can tell how much her mission means to her.  She is going to be a big blessing in helping her family make it to the temple.  She was able to go out with us on Saturday to see some people!

Yesterday we had a lesson with a family in one of our new wards whose kids are taking the lessons and want to be baptized.  They are way cute and I am excited to work with them more.  One of the daughters even reminds me of my best friend, Mary!! It's cool. :)

Ponderize: D&C 43:15-16
Again I say, hearken ye elders [and isters] of my church, whom I have appointed: Ye are not sent forth to be taught, but to teach the children of men the things which I have put into your hands by the power of my Spirit; And ye are to be taught from on high. Sanctify yourselves and ye shall be endowed with power, that ye may give even as I have spoken.

Our district made this scripture our motto.  "Sanctify yourselves!"  I can definitely feel a difference in the way the work goes when I really focus on being a more worthy servant to have the Spirit with me.  He directs the work!  The work is really awesome too.  Life as a missionary is great. :)

From Idaho to you,


Sister Carling

 Car selfie! 

Last P-day we fed some cows while it was snowing, blowing in our face!

Random pipes on the side of the road.

Hermana Cox!

Hazelton! <3 

 There are some big icicles here!

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