Monday, November 14, 2016

Don't Run over Boulders!

What an adventurous week!

For 4.5 days this week we were without a car! A few weeks back, while on exchanges, Sister Leach hit a boulder which did some damage to our car.  We took it into the shop in Twin Falls on Monday, and were told it would be ready by Wednesday.  Twin is 40 miles away, so we had to arrange a ride there to pick it up, which we did...  After we got dropped off they told us it wasn't ready but it should be ready in about 2 hours.  So we waited.  And then they told us it STILL wasn't ready but would be ready in the morning. SO we had to find a ride 40 minutes back home to make it in time for dinner, which we easily, thankfully, did.
Then we arranged a ride for Thursday morning anxious to pick up our ready car.  As we were driving into Twin they called us and said it STILL wasn't ready.  Gah!  Again, thankfully we quickly found a ride back home.  But Friday evening our car was officially ready so we picked it up and now have a fully functioning car.......4 trips to Twin later..... haha

Because we had now car, the rest of the week made for a big adventure!  We found ourselves running across a freeway overpass, walking a mile down the road passing through fields of farm land, walking around neighborhoods, riding with members, and having a grand time. :)

The other adventurous part of the week was zone conference and zone olympics! What is zone olympics you say?  Let me tell you! Our mission president thought of the fun event to motivate us to do good work-outs in the morning.  There were events such as pull-ups, sit-ups, jump rope, free-throws, stick-pull, and tug-of-war.  It was a fun event!!

All-in-all this week was quite an adventure.  We received training on the Christmas initiative #LIGHTtheWORLD which is really exciting me for this Christmas!  It's seriously the most wonderufl time of ht eyear to be a missionary!

Ponderize: 3 Nephi 27:27

Therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily say unto you, even as I am.

What manner? The manner of Christ!  Be like Him! Make who you are like Christ!!

From Idaho to you,


Sister Carling

An elk at Sportsman's Warehouse in Twin!

That is the rock Sister Leach hit.  Don't ask me how she didn't see it. haha

Today is her birthday and the Birthday Fairy made a visit to her! ;)
We'll be celebrating mine next Sunday!
Zone Conference & Olympics!!


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