Monday, November 7, 2016

Daylight Savings Weeks!

Happy Daylight Savings! Oh wait.  Most of y'all in Arizona don't do that.  Lucky you!
I can hardly wrap my mind around the fact that it's November. Woah.  This week zoomed by.  I swear, time warps as a missionary.  

We went on exchanges twice this week.  That was cool.

We found a new investigator, Christian! We were looking for his less-active mother but he was anxiously interested in learning more!  Lots of his friends are on missions which got him more excited.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and set up a return appointment.  Two days later, he had read the introduction and testimonies of the three and eight witnesses.  He said, "You can't read this and help but feel it is true." Yes!! He also told us the night before he couldn't sleep so at 2:00 AM he watched the Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration movie! He's golden!--prepared and ready.  He closed with a prayer that came straight from the heart sincerely asking to know what to do. He said he felt good.  The Spirit works!!  The Lord prepares people and we can find them.

That was the highlight of the week.  Besides that, all is well.  I'm not freezing yet, but that will be soon.

Ponderize: 3 Nephi 13:21

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

It's important to analyse ourselves to figure out what our treasure is and where our heart is at.  I think a good way to find out would be to look at where we spend out time.  Is it our family?  Is it in giving service?  Is it the gospel?  Or is it to something more worldly? Make your treasure something valuable and precious! 

From Idaho to you,


Sister Carling

On exchanges we got lost by the river. So we took a picture.

SHEEP FARM! Apparently it's the biggest one in Idaho.

Ward Truck or Treat

Halloween night goofiness.

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