Monday, September 12, 2016

Anxiously waiting for Transfers....

Okay, today we are supposed to find out what is happening for transfers and we are patiently waiting now.....Gah! I don't know if I will be transferred or staying here to finish training Sister Cluff! 
Last Monday we had a 4 year old close the door in our face! haha We were going to visit a less-active family.  Striker, the four year old, answered.  We asked if his parents were home, he said mom wasn't, but dad was.  We asked him to get dad and he said no.  Then after trying to convince him,  he says, "Just go away.  Just go." as he shut the door. I didn't want to leave yet or be rejected by a lil' kid, so we got him to open the door, but the kid didn't want to get his dad for some reason!  So I bribed him with candy.  He was quick to call for dad after that!! Haha We ended having a very good conversation.
Rosselyn's parents left to Venezuela for a month or two, so we said goodbye to them.   I'm going to miss their sweet faces and company!
We taught the priests and laurels a little of how to teach lesson 1 or Wednesday mutual. Then we brought "investigators" aka converts from our YSA ward for the youth to teach.  It turned out to be a good activity and experience.
Friday: HAPPY 9 MONTH MARK!  What a fantastic day!!!  Elder and Sister Lawrence and Elder and Sister De Feo, both of the 70 came to tour the mission.  Oh man.  Man OH man!  What a mind blowing experience.  Sister Lawrence started--she spoke for 2 hours on Israel--Christ being "The Holy One of Israel," The twelve tribes of Israel, the literal gathering of Israel, and more.  2 hours is a long time but I was astonished the more she went on.   Seriously.  I wish I could just type it all up for you, but it's not very easy to make it make sense when it's put simply.  You need 2 hours to understand it! haha  My whole perspective of the gospel, Israel, and more is changed.
Elder Lawrence helped us make much needed changes to the mission.  He called the whole mission to repentance hard core.  It was nice. :)  He also spoke on increasing our faith.  Since then, I've felt that Sister Cluff and I have been practicing more faith.  The 
On Saturday we had a lesson with CJ.  We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Previously, he'd consider himself agnostic.  He has desires to believe and continue learning.  I love it!  We invited him to be baptized and he said yes!!!!! :D  We are wayyyy excited.
Ponderize: 2 Nephi 33:15
...Thus hath the Lord commanded me, and I must obey. Amen.
I find it so perfect that these are Nephi's last words in the Book of Mormon.  It's so him!
Obey the commandments.  Follow the Prophet.  That's pretty easy to understand.  But, I think the Lord will command us in more ways in order to be shaped and molded how He wants us, but WE actually have to figure out what that is through personal revelation.  We hafta do some work ourselves to listen and obey!
From Idaho to you,
Sister Carling
 Lesson with Elliott and Jezrael at the park!
Just out proselyting.
9 MONTHS! Crazy to believe.
Saying goodbye to the Zoyla and Omero Osuna...

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