Monday, June 13, 2016

Last Week of the Transfer...Last week in Boise?!

I swear when you have a companion that is your best friend and is also going home, the transfer just blows by.  I've got 5 more days with Sister Richards! 😶😭  And I might even have only a week left in Boise!! There is a highly likely chance that I could be moving to the Nampa, Pocatello, or Idaho Falls mission... Weird. Sad. Scary. Or maybe I will stay in Boise! But! All of these changes are done by the guidance and influence of the Spirit, so whatever happens is supposed to happen.   It' scary though.  I've made a commitment to myself that no matter where I go (or if I stay) I will keep a positive attitude.  Iss all gooood. :)

This week has been a whirlwind of an adventure!

Monday: Last P-day Sister Billy Jo Hess, one of my favorite members, took Sister Richards and I to bike the Greenbelt!  It was a warm day, but the heat didn't really phase me, because....well, I'm from Mesa, Arizona! haha  Anyways, The Greenbelt is a trail along the Boise River that people can walk, run, bike....It's gorgeous!  We made a pit stop to cool off by stepping a little bit into the river.  It was cold! But so nice. :)

We also went to the Boise Aquarium because a guy in our YSA ward that we teach works there, so he got us in!  We got to pet sting rays, sharks, fish.... And we held bearded dragons and got to feed a chameleon. Super cool!  We make the most out of our P-days and have lots of fun. :)

Tuesday was very special.  At our dinner appointment on Monday, Cheryl told us that she got her temple recommend back! I have been working with Cheryl since the beginning of my mission.  Her goal was to go back to the temple....and she made it!! She wanted to set up a time for us to go with her for her first time back....So we went the next day!!!! It was a beautiful experience. And while I was in the temple I ran in to Sister Terri Riggs!!!!  Ohhhh it's the coolest thing to see people you know in the temple, especially when they are from home! 

We got to visit Rosselyn a couple times, again.  She is doing SO well! She looks better and better every time I see her. :)  One time when we stopped by, the Spanish elders happened to be there too.  Right after we walked in, Rosselyn's grandpa told the elders that they decided they want to get baptized!!!  Aaaaaaah!!! It was so exciting to hear that!  Rosselyn's love for the gospel was felt by her family and they felt the Spirit and now want to be a part of the gospel. Happy happy day! 

We had a lesson at Subway with a YSA investigator that we found a while back.  We taught the Plan of Salvation. This guy, Sean, thinks about things a lot.  I like it... But believe it or not, we were there for over an hour and a half and didn't even get past "the veil"! He was so hung up on why we had to have a veil after Pre-earth life.  That was different than normal.  Usually we explain the veil in a couple sentences, but an hour and a half is a looong time to discuss that.... haha
That night we taught the Fluckiger family (I love them!) the Plan of Salvation.  It was very nice and much simpler to teach it to parents and a four year old. (They didn't get stuck on why we have the veil;)

Jezrael came in to town from Spokane! We met up with him.  It's always great to teach him.

Today we went on a hike at Bogus Basin.  The Idaho foothills are so nice, and the weather was gorgeous....I think it was in the high 60s. :)

And I think that about wraps up my week in a nutshell.  Here goes one last week with Sister Richards!!

Ponderize: Exodus 14:14 (Sister Richards favorite scripture:)
The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.

When times are tough, if we are doing what is right, all will be well! The Lord is always on our side!!

From Idaho to you,


Sister Carling

When we biked the Greenbelt and dipped our feet in the river!

 Our hike at Bogus Basin this morning.

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