Thursday, February 25, 2016

Miracles Upon Miracles

Hey family and friends!!

You know those times when someone asks you to describe your favorite person/place
/book/movie/vacation/etc....... and there are too many words to even begin to describe it?? Well that's what my past week was like.  Too many wonderful things have happened (especially since it's been a week and a half, not just one week).  I would have have to say, last week was definitely the best week of my mission so far.  God provides miracles when we ask for them and are obedient!

I'm gonna keep these as short as I can, but I want to share a few of the special experiences that have happened.

Miracle #1:  Sister Eas and I were praying to find a new investigator specifically within the week.  On Tuesday morning we got a referral from a lady in the ward.  Two hours later we contacted that referral and got a new investigator!!! Her name is Alexis. (just like me! :)

Miracle #2:  When we meet with Jezrael and Elliot, the house is CRAZY and sometimes it's hard to feel the Spirit.  We prayed that there would be no distractions.  We've also worried if Jezrael (our recent convert) even understands anything and has a testimony...We shared the restoration video with them.  We started to explain to Elliot (investigator/Jezrael's cousin) about the Book of Mormon and how he can know that it is true.  Out of no where, Jezrael started sharing his testimony!!!  It was the most amazing and beautiful thing....Probably the most rewarding experience on my mission so far....

Thursday we had zone conference and I was asked to give a talk.  I shared these two experiences because I know that they came because we prayed with faith for and expected miracles under the condition of our obedience and diligence.

Miracle #3: Saturday we received another referral for a guy named Sam.  His co-worker has been an example to him for 8 years, and Sam is finally ready to listen to the missionaries!  (It takes time, people....!)  We drove out to Meridian for the lesson.  It went so well.  Sam is very open to understanding the gospel, but it is because his co-worker, Doug has been a continuous example to him.

Miracle #4: Bailey and Mackenzie are less-active YSA sisters.  We stopped by their house when their parents happened to be in town and at their house! They wanted us to start teaching the lessons to Bailey and Mackenzie to help refresh their minds and rekindle their testimonies (because they know it's true, but they've stopped coming to church).  We set up a return appointment.  When we came back, Mackenzie's boyfriend, Blake, wants to start taking the discussions!!

Miracles people, miracles....

These are just a few highlights of my week.  The Lord provides miracles when we ask and obey.  I know it.  This is relevant to any aspect of the gospel.  The Lord wants to bless us and if we recognized how easily He is willing to provide things for us we would be doing everything we can to serve Him to receive those blessings.

Today we went to the temple, which makes the whole day P-day.  I am beyond grateful for the temple!!!!! I miss being able to go all of the time.  Oh well.....I'm grateful to have a temple in my mission (soon to be 2 temples!:)

And I love the satisfying feeling that sharing the gospel brings.  It's awesome!

From Idaho to you,


Sister Carling

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