Monday, May 15, 2017

It's All About the People

The past couple weeks I've pinned down lesson I've learned over my whole mission to a simple sentence: It's all about the people.  It's all about God's children.  Every touching, exciting, spiritual, shout-for-joy moment on my mission is all about lifting God's children up to the higher path toward heaven.  I think this week there were several different experiences that can be pinned down to that.

First off, remember Carson, my 9-year-old investigator back in Hazelton?  We'd invite him to be baptized and he'd always say, "I'm still thinkin' about it."  Well I found out this week that he was baptized last Saturday!!!!! 😄 I was SO happy and excited when I found that out.  It was one of those moments where I thought, "This is what it's about.  It's all worth it."

We worked more on setting goals with Kenny.  Love that guy.  The ultimate goal is to "Return and Receive" by making all the covenants in the temple.  On Tuesday night he texted us and said, "I got my limited use temple recommend. Aren't u proud" Yes Kenny! So proud!!! The Boise temple is closed for cleaning and re-opens on May 23rd, my last day (really, half a day) proselyting as a missionary.... So before I get dropped off at the mission office next week, we're going to do baptisms for the dead!! I am so proud of him!

We were driving down a street contacting some less-actives.  I saw a kid pushing a wheel barrow and I thought to stop and talk to them.  I've been working on acting on every prompting I receive from the Holy Ghost, whether it sounds or seems weird to do.  So I turned around and pulled over.  We started talking to the grandpa who was outside and turns out he's (in his own words) "jack-Mormon."  Then his grandson, Brendan came out and they were saying how he "is nothing" yet, or doesn't have a religion.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and committed him to read the introduction.  Then he asked when we were gonna come back! YES!  So, we set a return appointment.  Yay for spiritual promptings! 

My favorite highlight lesson of the week: Evelyn!
We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ: faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.  Once we said the word baptism, while introducing the lesson, she was asking what it was.  It was cool because we gave her the pamphlets in Chinese to help her understand in her language.  She was able to translate what it said in Chinese to English just about word for word.  It helped her understand different concepts better.  We explained that baptism is like a contract for special promises we make.  We invited her to be baptized!! She said she didn't wan't to "sign a contract" and go back to Taiwan and explain to her family what she did without them knowing.  We assured her we want her to be baptized there (she leaves Idaho next week) and continue meeting with the missionaries and even introduce her family to the gospel too!  My favorite part, again, was her closing prayer.  She said, "Help me to be ready for baptism when I go back to Taiwan and help that I can share with my mom and brother what I believe."  SHE BELIEVES IT!!!!  I know it was not a coincident that she came here to Idaho to stay with a member family to be introduced to the gospel so she can then go home and share it with her family.  God works in mysterious ways, but His ways always work! They are amazing and always very planned out!

Okay, now for a fun story... :)


We had Mother's Day dinner at Delmar and Luann Gray's house. (Jason's parents, whom I LOVE!)  Delmar and Luann were outside sending their son and grand kids off.  Right in front of me sat Luann's phone.  All of a sudden there was an incoming call from JASON GRAY.  Here's what went on in my head: It's Jason! I can run it out to Luann real quick or I can answer it and give it to her. Ah!  What do I do?! Okay, I'm gonna answer it!
Me: Hi Jason!
Jason: *Whispering to his daughter Alice* Say Happy Mother's Day.
Alice: Happy Mother's Day!
Me: Hey Jason, this is a sister missionary, your mom's outside, let me get her.
Jason: Oh okay!

Really not that exciting, but I can say I did it! haha!  Jason Gray and his daughter wished me a happy Mother's Day! ;) haha

Speaking of Mother's Day it was so fun to talk to my mom and family.  It was all super casual because I get to see them NEXT WEEK! Seriously, like wut.

So, here goes my last week.......!!!!  I cannot wait for what's ahead!

Ponderize: 1 Thessalonians 5:19

Quench not the Spirit.

This one's easy. haha  In our district meeting there was a training on acting on promptings from the Holy Ghost.  It's something I have already been working on... But I loved how simple this scripture is. The footnote on "quench" says, "Extinguish, hinder, suppress."  Don't extinguish, hinder, suppress the Holy Ghost! He's only helping you.

From Idaho to you,


Sister Carling

 The Boise Capitol downtown!

I love Sister Marshall!

For Mother's Day we wrote a song for our Mother's but also sang it for the mothers of missionaries in our wards and also made these pretty flowers...
Credit goes to Sister Marshall for her crafty creativity!

My final district meeting with an awesome district.
Elder Towers, Elder Jones, Elder Jackson, 
Sister Gainer, Sister Ely, Sister Marshall and Me!!

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