Monday, March 27, 2017

They like, ate the fruit.

What a week!!! There were so many good things that happened this week.  Let's see if I can remember them all.

Last week we had an adventure on Preparation day!  We toured the Old State Penitentiary as a district then hiked Table Rock.  Good times. :)  And of course, PERFECT weather.

We did a little tracting this week and had some funny responses.  One guy said that religion is more destructive than nuclear weapons...Pretty intense.  Another guy answered the door in a bath robe and said, "I already know everything, thank you honey." haha! Okay!  There was another house that an old, sickly, anorexic, shirtless man with long greasy hair and missing teeth opened the door. He wasn't interested either. Oh well.

One of the funnier lessons we have every week is with Kenny.  He funny.  He's a 35 year old Chinese guy adopted when he was a kid and was less-active, but has been reactivating, working towards the temple. We taught him the Plan of Salvation with emphasis on the Atonement.  I asked him, "What's the story of Adam and Eve?" Kenny's response: "They like, ate the fruit......." That's it. haha! He uses words like yo, dope, sick, etc.... I also asked him what paradise would be for him. He said, "Eating a big bowl of ramen."  To each his own. haha 

This week at district meeting we only did role plays the entire time.  It was awesome!! I learned so many skills that we have already been applying and finding more success.  I wish I woulda learned all these skills a year ago!  Also, stay tuned for #PRINCEofPEACE and watch it with someone in mind who could benefit from it! (Really, everyone can. ;)

Yesterday we did a youth fireside along with Elder Abney and Towers in our district. IT WAS AWESOME.  We taught the youth about missions and mission life, then we taught them The Restoration.  It was POWERFUL.  At the end of our message we invited them to do the same thing we invite our investigators to do when we teach it--ask of God to know if the things we have taught are true.  It is so important to know for ourselves that the message of the Restoration is true!  The Spirit was definitely there, and we plan to do this fireside for our other wards because we feel it is so important for them to know!!  That leads me to my ponderize......

Ponderize: James 1:5
If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

This is what Joseph Smith read that lead him to act... I love that it is the youth theme for the year.  God will give us truth if we sincerely seek it!!!  Even if we 'already know' we should go to the Lord often to confirm truth, because it then our testimonies will burn brighter!!

From Idaho to you,


Sister Carling

Back in Boise. <3 I love it here.

Old State Penitentiary

Table Rock hike!

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