Monday, May 2, 2016

My Kind of Weather!

I think everything wonderful that has happened this week has been outside.  I am seriously obsessed with Boise weather. :)

On Tuesday we mowed and edged Holly's lawn with Mason Smith.  I kinda forget how much I kind of enjoy mowing/edging lawns.....but then again, the weather here is perfect.  Imma just say I love mowing lawns in nice weather. haha 

We had a lesson with Jezrael and Elliott at Albertson Park.  That park is so beautiful and full of wild life, yet it's even full of wildlife and it's in the middle of Boise! (Almost downtown)  There are squirrels, deer, geese, rabbits, ducks....Cool stuff!  In our lesson, we taught the Doctrine of Christ (Faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end...)  We focused a lot on baptism because we want Elliott to head that direction.  He would like to get baptized, but he said maybe in a different church.  He doesn't want the label of "Mormon."  We've explained the difference between us and other churches and our authority....he just has to pray about it.  He also feels good when he reads the Book of Mormon! We have committed him to continue to pray and read about baptism.  Hopefully good things will come.  The best part about meeting at Albertson park is that it is full of nature....We sat on a rock next to a pond under some trees...but it was funny because right behind us some roosters started crowing! haha  Elliott was like, (to the roosters) "Can't you see we're trying to have a serious conversation!" You tell that rooster Elliott....... :) 

Later in the week we had a lesson with just Jezrael.  This kid! We have fun with this kid.  He needs lots of push to be obedient with certain things though.  Sometimes we are pretty hard on him, but it's because we love him so much that we want him to choose the right! I want him to go to the temple!!! It takes work though, and Jezzy has to do it himself. I can't force him... #Agency.  This meeting was fun because we walked around the park FULL of geese.  We were chasing geese.  Let me tell you, experiencing spring is AMAZING!!! Seeing cute lil' baby geese waddling around is great.  There were also a bunch of mama geese laying on eggs, which is cool.  We climbed on top of "The World's Largest Butt Cut Flare Ponderosa" tree stump.  There was a mama goose sitting on her eggs there.   We also chased a couple of deer.  Oh, I also forgot to mention this is the last time we're meeting with Jezzy for a while because he's moving to Spokane for the summer, but will be back every once in a while.  Imma miss him!

On Thursday we did our weekly planning, but instead of staying cooped up in the basement we live in, we did in a grass field behind our church building. GORGEOUS! The breeze was nice, the sun was out, there were some clouds, we stopped by a gas station and got some pop... Now that's what I call spring!!

TODAY was such a fun P-day!!! Sibyl Spjute and Billy Jo Hess (two fantastic ladies in our ward) drove us up to Idaho City to give us a tour of the tiny town.  Idaho City is an old mining town that really captures the history of Idaho.  The cemetery is like in a forest. That was cool.  They've also got so many classic/vintage buildings and shops.  I LOVED IT!!!  Sibyl and Billy Jo made us a picnic lunch then bought us ice cream in an old ice cream parlor.  Again, the weather was absolutely gorgeous.

Ponderize: 1 Nephi 15:8

"Have ye inquired of the Lord?"

Super simple.  We should be inquiring of the Lord more often than we probably do.  I know I need to.  He knows what's best, so we need to talk to him in all of our decisions!

From Idaho to you,


Sister Carling

After we mowed Holly's lawn with Mason Smith!

Jezzy, Elliott, and us in Albertson Park

Us and Jezzy on top of the ponderosa

Jezzy messing with the mama goose


Sibyl Spjute, Billy Jo Hess, Me!, Elder Bean, Sister Richards, 
Elder Lamb, Elder Atkins, Elder Edralin


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