Monday, May 9, 2016


Good things are happening here in the Boise West area! 

We met with Elliott this week (again outside at a park:)  We, again, discussed baptism, because this week he was supposed to pray about it......We set a baptismal date for June 11th!!!! He also came to sacrament meeting yesterday! It is so exciting. :)

We started teaching Destiny, 9 years old, who is Holly's daughter.  She wants to get baptized too! Holly doesn't want to rush her into it but we are working on setting a baptismal date for her. :) We also had a nice Mother's Day dinner with Holly.  I admire the love that Holly has for her children.  She loves them more than anything and all she cares about is that they are happy and taken care of.  I also love the Spirit that we feel there as we have started teaching the kids, too. The gospel blesses families!!!

Funny story!

We stopped by our YSA Elder's Quorum President's house to drop something off for him.  He wasn't home, but his roommate, Jason, was.  After we finished our business, we noticed a cute, comfortable looking porch swing.  We sat in it for a couple minutes enjoying the nice weather.  When I decided to walk to the car I could not find the keys. 

Me: "Sister Richards, do you have the keys?"

Sister Richards: "No, I'm not driving. Why would I have the keys?"

I approach the LOCKED car, and notice the keys on my seat.......... Well that's a problem.

Me: "Sister Richards, do you have the phone?"

Sister Richards: "Yes, in my scripture bag."

*We look in the LOCKED car and see her scripture bag........* Well that's a problem.

We knock on the door again and Jason is confused why we are still at his house.  It's not like we have other phone numbers memorized so we have to figure out how to get President Winder's phone number.  Thankfully, the missionaries in the YSA stake are in the directory.  We call 3 companionships and no one answers.  We leave voicemails hoping and waiting for someone to call us back shortly.  Eventually some elders call us back, we get President's number and explain our situation to him.  He connects us to the vehicle coordinator and explain the situation to him.  Jumping to the end, we ended up sitting on that porch swing for an hour and a half until someone came to rescue us to get the extra set of car keys. haha What a great adventure. :)

Today is transfer day........Saturday we got transfer calls..... SISTER RICHARDS AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER!!!! She has one more transfer (6 weeks) left until she goes home.  I get to be with her for her last transfer and I get to stay in the Boise West stake!!!!! We are so excited. :)

Ponderize: Alma 56:47-48

...They had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them.  And they rehearsed unto me the words of their mothers, saying: We do not doubt our mothers knew it.
Because it was Mother's Day, all of the talks in sacrament were about mothers.  It was interesting because one guy in our YSA ward that spoke didn't ever really have a mother in his life.  He was raised by his dad. He said out of anyone, he didn't feel qualified to speak about mothers.  But, nonetheless, it was a great talk.  He talked about the sons of Helaman.  He pointed out that in the letter that Helaman wrote to Captain Moroni, Helaman mentioned (more than once) how great the faith was of these young men because of their mothers.  It was so important that the young men gave credit to them.  This week I also did a Personal Progress value in Faith where I read that scripture and discussed the importance of a faithful mother.  
I'd like to give credit to my mom for the things I have learned from her.  My testimony and knowledge of the gospel is the way it is because of the way my mother raised me.  I am so grateful! I love you Mom!

From Idaho to you,


Sister Carling

 We parked next to a corral and a horse stuck it's whole head in our car.

Here is a picture of us chilling on the porch swing waiting to be picked up and rescued because I was clumsy enough to lock my keys in the car..... P:

We did weekly planning outside again in the wonderful weather! The glass bottle sodas make it a little more exciting. :)

At our dinner appointment, they pulled out this lil' machine (I can't remember what it's called) that emits electricity. If you hold on to it, it makes your hair stick up and you can shock people, too.

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