Monday, April 11, 2016

Fun in the Work!

Hello friends!

This week was full of fun experiences!

Last Monday for P-day, we drove out to Hidden Springs, which is technically part of Boise, but at the same time it's in the middle of nowhere.  Some members out there have a really nice house with lots of property to play on.  We did a little hike to some cool rock indents.....

We had AMAZING lesson with Jezrael this week.  He hasn't been paying tithing and we reeeeally want him to so he can get his temple recommend!  We started discussing the tithing but somehow the discussion moved over to talking about the temple and why it is so important.  I think because we talked about that, he had a better understanding, and hopefully more desires, to pay tithing.  We kept promising him blessing that come from paying tithing and the Lord will take care of us if we do it! He said, "I wouldn't want to pay tithing for the blessings...I would pay tithing help people.  Like if it were to help the missionaries, like you guys, I would do it."  This is coming from someone who barely has anything and considers himself beyond blessed...Now his heart is in the right place!! What an example. I love that kid. 

At our zone meeting we learned how to be better, more effective missionaries!  I played the piano for a musical number with Elder Lamb singing--"Savior Redeemer: Missionary Medley".  It's my favorite and I am so proud of myself for being able to play it!  I'm doing Personal Progress and for one of my projects I learned to play that song. :)

This week Sister Richards and I have been praying to find a new investigator for one of our family wards.  Much of our time and efforts has been focused on finding and contacting referrals.  On Saturday we walked around and knocked on lots of doors. It's gotten warm here.  When I say warm I mean like, 82 degrees......Perfect weather, right?! Well everyone that we talk to thinks that it's pretty warm to be walking outside.  FALSE! It couldn't be a better time to walk around neighborhoods! So many people are outside doing yard work, preparing for Spring/Summer and I LOVE that!  Oh, by the way, having a Spring is quite fantastic.  There are flowers everywhere and it makes me happy. :)  Anyhow, at the end of the day I realized I had a sunburn on my back!! Nothing bad or painful, but enough to be a noticeable burn. haha!  I just think it's really funny that this Arizona girl is getting burned in 80 degree weather when I'm not even chilling in the sun that much...

On Saturday I was on exchanges with Sister Brown--who is also from Mesa, Arizona!!!!  We didn't know each other before the mission, but we've made the connection that our moms and aunts and uncles grew up together!! Cool, right? It was funny to tell people that we were from the same place. 

Saturday night we stopped by a wedding reception for Katie Spjute, who is in our singles ward and YSA ward--we're pretty tight with that family. Anyways, somehow when I was standing in a group of young girls, I just, I dunno, a bouquet of flowers happened to fall in my hands when Katie tossed it in the air.  How'd that happen?!?! ;) Not sure what that's supposed to mean..... hahaha

Ponderize: Alma 60:24

"...Repent of that which ye have done, and begin to be up and doing..."

We can only become better or progress if we are UP and DOING.  Don't be lazy!

From Idaho to you,


Sister Carling

Sister Brown (from Mesa!) and I with our Dutch Bros smoothies.... One of our potential investigators gave us some money to go get some after we did a little service for her.

Streets of Boise!!! <3

Sister Richards and I on that lil' hike thing...

I caught the bouquet!! Haha

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